Brady (bradythekid) wrote in magic_smoke,

Hi everyone.

I'm attempting to build my very first electronic device, amd I have a couple of dumb questions that hopefully some of you can help me with.

First off, what are diodes and their function? If I knew this, I could better understand my second question of..

How do the two diodes connect to the rest of the circuit? Lol, like I said.. Dumb question. But I'm a newb at this, so give me a break.. ;)
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d00d, not to be mean, but what you have there is a board layout, not a schematic.

You are smart to ask about the diodes, though. It absolutely matters which way they go into the circuit.

Diodes are devices that allow current to only pass one direction in a circuit. They are commonly used in recifiers (circuits to turn AC into DC), regulators (to limit voltage peak), and so forth.
That's the same pedal I'm ordering parts for. The schematic is here
Like mentalageof_4 said diodes are like a one way valve. look on the schematic to see which way they go. If you need really basic stuff, read this whole article.