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Hello everyone,

Just a question to the folks here who actually work in the industry. How has your company been handling the no-lead policy coming out next year? Buyer planners going nuts trying to get lead free components and raw bare boards? And also have you had to buy new equipment?

My experience with this issue thus far has been the following: finding parts hasn't been a huge issue for running profiles. Only run one tin bare board with favorable results. And equipment, new drags and a new wave solder machines as well as new reflow ovens, since one of the old ones wasn't nitrogen capable.

Only around 10 months to go and I think it's going to be hell getting it going.

Also, what has your experience been with China. This seems to be a reoccuring theme in at least with what I have been hearing. Cheaper yes, but the quality issues, rework and bad lead times blow those inital savings to hell. We have tried to send afew producs to china for manufacture, and all of it has come back because of quality issues. This is especially true for some components. Some of our test batches had 60% failure rates, and these where just simple toroids. So now we are scrambling to get some of our domestic suppliers back.

So how's it been going?
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