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Magic Smoke emitted.

Here's what I sent to Asus.

During troubleshoot of a bad CPU, I accidentally put a DIMM in backwards.
power MOSFET "9915H 345056" overheated, cracked, ruptired, and emitted smoke. This of course voids the warranty of this brand new board.
Amazingly enough, the second mosfet happens to provide enough power for low-speed, such as accessing the bios. All voltage specs are OK. Once the CPU is cranked up to full speed, the system fails to boot (assuming not quite enough power, or maybe power quality is bad).
So, since I can't RMA this board, I thought I would replace the mosfet and see if the board still worked otherwise (except the cooked pin in dimm slot 1).
All online references to this part show that Asus uses it, and that it is TO-252 form factor, and that it is a MOSFET. I couldn't find much in the way of reference to the specs of this mosfet. Could you check with your engineers and see what the specs are, who makes it, compatable part number cross reference, etc?
Thank you for your time.

Anyone have a clue on where I can find specs for this MOSFET? (9915H on Asus board, TO-252)

Update 2005-01-08It's been a long time and the board has sence been disposed of. It's moot at this point. There really is no need to reply to something this old. I've disabled further commenting.
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